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Computer Glasses

What’s the computer glasses?

Computer glasses is a functional glasses which can shield and protect the computer radiation, screen strong light and harmful light which are harmful to eyesight.


The feature of computer glasses:

The anti radiation lens of computer glasses can not only effectively absorb the harmful electromagnetic radiation from TV and computer, but also provide all-round protection for your eyes, and also reflect the fashion and beauty, and publicize the personality.


1. The lens is flat and has no side effect on vision. It is made of high-tech vacuum ion plating film in the world, which can block electromagnetic wave radiation 100%.

2. The lens contains anti radiation substances, which can absorb low-frequency radiation microwave, and eliminate the adverse symptoms of eyes caused by electromagnetic wave radiation, such as potential fever, headache, fatigue, dryness and astringency. 

3. It has different penetration and absorption functions for different light, and can resist reflection and strong light. The user can feel clearly and naturally after wearing it.

4. Especially suitable for computer workers, watching TV, playing video games and other people, can effectively prevent harmful light damage to the eyes, protect your eyesight health.


Different color coated lenses have different effects:

Blue coating: can filter out electromagnetic waves. Blue light in visible light can cause retinal damage, which is the main factor of macular degeneration. Blue coated lenses can't do anything to the blue light with the most energy in the visible spectrum, which is 380nm-450nm. Long time exposure to blue light will cause retinal degeneration.


Green coating: can filter electromagnetic wave, reduce reflection, resist strong light and increase clarity.


Yellow coating: is a better coating of anti radiation lens. Most of the yellow coating contains rare and precious metals, which can effectively block electromagnetic waves.


Yellow green double color coating: the outer golden yellow film is waterproof, antifouling, antistatic and anti electromagnetic radiation; the inner green film blocks the stimulation of strong light and reflected light, nourishes the eyes and takes care of the skin around the eyes. The yellow green two-color coating improves the transmittance and refractive index, and has the characteristics of anti ultraviolet and anti radiation. More importantly, it can filter out the ultraviolet blue light which causes macular lesions, and gets rid of the problem that the general blue coating can't do for it.



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