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Eyeglasses Cloth

What’s the eyeglasses cloth?

Eyeglasses cloth is used to clean the dust of glasses, the materials can choose microfiber,velvet,suede fabric and etc.


The Function of eyeglasses cloth:

1. Prolong the service life of lens.

2. Prevent the traditional cleaning cloth to wipe the lens from scurf and water mark.

3. Thoroughly remove the stubborn stains on the lens to make the picture clear.

4. The disposable lens is clean, fast and convenient.

5. Remove the bacteria on the lens to achieve the function of disinfection.

6. Clean the surface of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors made of glass, resin and other materials to remove stains and absorb grease.

7. Wrapping glasses can play a buffer role, effectively prevent collision or sharp hard object scratch damage.

8. Absorb the moisture attached to the frame and keep it dry.


What is the weight per gram of glasses cloth we can make?

150G,160G,170G,190G,210G,220G,230G,250G280G,310G and etc


What kind of effect and logo can we make?


Edge treatment:


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