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Unisex Sports Sunglasses

What’s the Unisex sports sunglasses?

Safety Sunglasses for sports, suitable for men and women.


The Fuction of Unisex sports sunglasses:

outdoor sports, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping and other sports


What is the most important thing when choosing Unisex sports glasses?

Lenses:Because different lenses have different filtering effects on light, they can adapt to different sports environment. Dark lens is better than light color lens, can effectively isolate ultraviolet and improve UV index.

Purple lens:can reduce the degree of visible light into the eye, does not affect the clarity of vision. So the lens of bicycle sports glasses can be purple, and suitable for long-term wear.

Gray lens: can provide the best color perception, which belongs to the type recommended by experts.

Yellow lens: can enhance contrast in foggy days. It is recommended not to wear them when driving.

Yellow green gradient and purple mirror lenses: can effectively filter blue light and enhance the contrast between the sky and the ground, so Golf glasses use yellow green and purple lenses to make the sphere more distinct in the field of vision. Dynamic requirements of sunglasses, color is very important.


The Characteristics of Unisex sports Sunglasses:

1.Safety, protection, comfort and beauty

2.100% UV400 protection.

3.Polarized lens: used to filter stray light according to polarization principle.

  Advantages: after wearing, the visual effect is very comfortable and the vision is clearer; especially suitable for driving, fishing and climbing the snow mountain.

4.PC lens:is a kind of non broken lens with 100% safety.

5.TR90 frame: super tough resin material, smooth, flexible and light, comfortable to wear.

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