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Reading Glasses

What’s the reading glasses?

Reading glasses also named Presbyopia glasses, is a kind of optical products, which are used by people with presbyopia eyes, belonging to a convex lens.


The basic classification of reading glasses:

1. Single lens: can only be used to see near, and need to remove glasses when looking far.

2. Bifocal lens: refers to the upper half of the lens is used to see far, the lower half of the lens is used to see near, but this kind of presbyopia glasses have jumping phenomenon, and the appearance is not beautiful.

3.Progressive multifocal lens: can meet the requirements of different distances


Choosing Lens:

Glass lens and optical resin lens.

Glass lens: includes optical glass lens and high refractive index lens (commonly known as ultra-thin film), which has high hardness and good wear resistance. Generally, its quality and parameters will not change with time, but the impact resistance and weight of glass lens are slightly inferior to that of resin lens.

Resin lenses: generally much lighter than glass lenses, and their impact resistance is better than that of glass lenses, but their surface hardness is lower and they are easy to be scratched. Resin lens and coated lens because of its soft characteristics, so usually should not let the mirror directly contact hard objects.


Choosing frame:

When choosing the spectacle frame, we should pay attention to the matching between the size of the frame and the pupil distance, because it directly affects the internal optical quality and wearing comfort of the glasses.


Choosing degrees:

75+,100+,150+,175+,200+,250+,300+,350+ and etc

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